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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Guler detasabil Peter Pan din piele argintie

I felt compelled to make a silver version of my Peter Pan detachable collars – I see it as the perfect neck collar for the party season – an adorable mix of naughty and nice, just like we like it!
This particular Peter Pan collar is made out of shiny silver leather and decorated with two black spikes and can be worn over your favorite shirt, blouse, sweater or dress – it gives an instant whimsical and feminine feel to any outfit. The collar has a black ribbon tie back to allow for adjustable tightness. If you want one let me know and I'll be happy to add it in my Etsy Store!

Guler detasabil  Peter Pan "Alice&Sara" din piele argintie - 45 RON
Descriere:  Guler detasabil  Peter Pan  din piele naturala argintie decorat in centru cu doua tinte negre  (la cerere pot decora acest guler handmade cu o brosa diferita de cele doua tinte ). Marimea este ajustabila datorita bentitelor lungi din saten de la spate. Il puteti purta peste bluze, rochii, camasi tricouri, pulovere si va da oricarei tinute un plus de cool, feminitate si culoare.  Aceasta este o editie speciala a gulerelor detasabile handmade pe care le-am creat pana acum – perfect pentru petrecerile de Craciun si Revelion.

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angelika eM said...

cudownie wyglądasz ;)


mxvhelle said...

Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

Ines Mabchour said...

love it, need to have one! I'm a little bit curious, what language is that, roman? kisses

Sybil said...

amazing diy!!! and that leather dress is SO SO FAB! love it! :D

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coco said...

dragut !!!

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