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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Rochie maieu imprimeu digital

This was supposed to be a digital print mini tank dress, but, surprise, it looks like a longer top on me! Still cute thought - that's if you're a fan of Gothic imagery ! And I know I am! 

Right here I wore it with a simple pair of navy jeans and a cat ears headband that I made myself!

Rochie maieu imprimeu craniu – 45 lei
Marime: M-L (40-42), Bust - 90cm, Talie – 94 cm, Solduri – 104cm, Lungime – 87cm
Material: poliester
Stare: nou
Descriere: Rochie scurta fara maneci cu imprimeu digital cu craniu, croiala simpla in forma de A, fara dublura, nu este transparenta, este noua! Mie imi vine ca bluza pentru ca sunt foarte inalta, dar pentru cineva sub  1.75m o sa fie perfecta!

Cat Lace Ears (Urechi pisica din dantela neagra) - 65 RON
Descriere: Urechi de pisica din dantela neagra fixate pe bentita neagra, pot fi purtate la petreceri tematice, de Halloween sau pur si simplu pe strada just for fun! Se pot reface la cerere! Mai multe poze aici!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Cercei lungi cu franjuri verzi

This is one of my go to hairstyles for summer: a semi-polished bun completed with a minimal makeup and a red lip. It's perfect for hot summer days and I can be ready really fast (up to 5 minutes).

The beauty of this hairdo is the fact I can put to good use my extensive collection of earrings. And I'm talking serious, long earrings that I'm personally attracted to - no tiny, dainty ones for me, thank you very much!The emerald, silk tassels that you see below are actually made by yours truly - feel free to check my Etsy Store for more of my work.

Cercei lungi Alice&Sara cu franjuri verzi - 25 lei
Descriere: Cercei ciucure foarte lungi din franjuri verzi, lungime totala - 21-22 cm. Disponibili in alte doua varianate de culori pe langa modelul verde: roz si negru. Mentionati ce culoare doriti in mailul cu comanda!
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Geanta mica cu paiete

I love everything beaded! I can't really explained why, but the thought of wearing something that a lot of work and care went into creating, makes me appreciate that piece even more. 

Take this black, evening purse for example - the long, silk rope as a handle, the detailed beading, the sateen cover - all of these little touches make it special and worthy of a few nights out and fancy events. I also love the semi-box shape and the fact that it pretty much goes with everything. I can see it paired with a long maxi dress or a pair of jeans with high heels and a backless top.

Geanta mica brodata – 35 lei
Dimensiune: Lungime – 16 cm, Latime baza – 5cm, Inaltime – 17 cm, Lungime bareta – 114cm
Material: saten, paiete, margele negre
Stare: buna
Descriere: Geanta mica, eleganta, de seara, imbracata in saten si  brodata cu paiete si margele pe partea din fata, breteaua lunga este o sfoara de matase neagra, in interior este captusita, are un singur compartiment si un buzunar aplicat, stare buna (pe spate are o zgarietura si este foarte putin uzata la colturi – totul in spate, interiorul sunt in stare excelenta, se vede in fotografii, dar este putin vizibil)!

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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Rochie lunga colorata

We may feel dressed up but, but secretly every woman knows maxi dresses are just crotchless yoga pants.:)))

 I just found and  pinned this quote on Pinterest and I think it's both hilarious and true. 

Long dresses have always been a summer staple. And there's a good reason for that - they are super comfortable, not to mention chic. Sometimes maxi dresses are all I want to wear! And by sometimes I mean every morning I'm running late and have to get ready in 5 minutes.

Rochie maxi colorata – 65 lei
Brand: New York Laundry
Marime: M - L (40-42), Bust - 94 cm, Talie –90 cm, Solduri – 103cm, Lungime – 150cm
Material: 35% bumbac, 65% poliester
Stare: noua
Descriere: Rochie maxi cu dungi late colorate, fara maneci, croiala lejera, spate racerback nu are dublura, nu este transparenta, este noua! Eu sunt super inalta si nu-mi vine suficient de lunga, dar pentru orcine sub 1.78, o sa fie perfecta!

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