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Monday, November 04, 2013

Dream outfit - long boots

I used to buy lots of clothes on instinct and momentary whims but not so much anymore - I guess the  old saying "with age comes wisdom" has some truth to it. Not too much, though!:)))) But I did notice that I spend way more time "researching" before making a purchase so I will mark that as progress.

That being said I've been looking for quite a while for the perfect pair of knee length boots and I think my search has finally come to an end. This one pair seems like the answer to all my prayers: they are flat just like I wanted them, simple but with enough interesting design elements not to be boring and juts the right height. I actually can't stop imagining all kind of outfits around them! They do seem to work with pretty much anything, don't they?

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Sport shoes madness

I know this may come as a shock to you all but I wasn’t always the fashion maven that I am today!:)))) In fact looking back I can remember quite a few get ups that would have horrified even the brave-hearted! 

Middle school especially was a time of fashion debauchery – the mixes I made would have blown your mind. In light of recent years trends some of the outfits I put on in my lifetime were either pretty awful or way ahead of the times. Come to think about it I was always a visionary, if I may say so myself.
So yeah, ignore the first variant and let’s go with – I can’t remember a time I wasn’t anything but awesome.

Heck I was rocking snickers with fancy dresses and short skirts practically since I was a baby! So it comes as no sock to me that sport shoes have become so popular lately and with outfits that have nothing to do with running or going to the gym!

I think the main reason I love this combination so much is the comfort factor. Can you think of anything more comfortable to wear on a daily bases? Didn’t think so!

If I could I would go to work wearing a colorful pair of  sport shoes every day – and I’m not going to lie, it happened and they were in great company – cute skirts, cigarette pants or short dresses. This new trend has made me check out online stores I wouldn't have been particularly interested in before. Millet Sports is now bookmarked and looked at periodically for a cute new pair of running shoes to wear in unbecoming combinations.:))) And from what I’m seeing around lots of girls have hopped on the bandwagon. This is not the easiest trend to nail but I’ve seen some really pretty get ups involving sport shoes done right (the photos are proof of just that).

Photos: 1, 2.

Let me know what are your thoughts on the matter!

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