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Monday, April 22, 2013

Cercei Alice&Sara cu margele

I didn't have as much time as I wish to create jewelry and accessories lately, but I did make a few things including these white earrings. 
They are actually created with a bride in mind, but I think they can be worn by pretty much anybody. I used lace, white beads and silver details on a white base for a romantic end result. I hope you like them!
Cercei Alice&Sara bridal cu margele albe – 45 RON
Descriere: Cercei statement albi acoperiti cu margele albe, elemente metalice argintii si chipsuri de opalit. Au forma si spatele dublat cu dantela alba. Perfecti si pentru o mireasa romantica!

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summer mood

Today was the first day that I felt that spring it’s on her way and oh boy,  I’m I happy! Usually when I weak up to go to work it’s still dark outside but today the sun was up, the trees were blooming and the birds were singing. 

This is my favorite part of the year as I feel everything around me coming back to life and I can already start on my summer and vacation plans without feeling like I'm kidding myself. I’m so ready for summer! No need to tell you that I already see myself on a beautiful beach, with a drink in my hand and no worries to speak of. 

All I can think now is designer swimwear and a bunch of cool new shades. It’s all you need really! Those and a huge hat to protect your skin and also help you create the fantasy you're a movie star trying to avoid the crowds of fans!

But in all seriousness now, aren’t you ready to put to rest all the sweaters, coats and pants and just go for some floral dresses, mini skirts and short shorts? I know I am!

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So are you as excited as I am about summer? Do you have any plans yet? 

Monday, April 08, 2013

Going disco

I love fun jewelry and this long silver necklace is certainly  that - nothing says you're ready to party better than wearing 7 tiny disco balls around your neck.

And how about pairing it with something totally unexpected -  like a vintage maxi dress made of black lace. As you can see I almost ready to fly!:)

One thing missing that would really make this get up complete is one of those really colorful Ladies' Watches that makes your wrist look happy while also having a functional role. Ok, I'm not making much sense but, you know, it's one of those days!

Colier disco - 45 lei
Descriere: Colier  foarte lung din lant argintiu dublu cu pandativ din sfere metalice cu detalii florale frumos detaliate. Extra fun!

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Monday, April 01, 2013

Guler detasabil Alice&Sara angel wings (3)

So here you have another statement necklace/detachable collar from the series inspired by dragon sales and angel wings. I started designing it with dragon scales in my mind. Not the most obvious line of thinking, but it’s just how my mind works. It ended up looking more like two colorful angel wings, but I'm in love with it .

Basically this amazing  Peter Pan collar is made out of little pieces of colorful leather (red, yellow, blue and purple) that I designed, cut and hand saw myself in an angel wing shape with an ombre effect. I then added small black beads to finish of the look. The base is leather as well! 
It can be worn over your favorite shirt, blouse, sweater or dress – it gives an instant whimsical and feminine feel to any outfit. Every collar has a ribbon tie back to allow for adjustable tightness. 
If you want one, you can buy it from my Etsy shop!

Guler detasabil Peter Pan aripi de inger/dragon scales (varianta 3 ) – 95 lei
Descriere: Acesta este treilea guler din seria aripi de inger/solzi de dragon, o sa urmeze si alte variatii de culori in viitorul apropiat.
Practic acesta este un guler detasabil/colier statement realizat dintr-o multime de bucatele de piele  si piele intoarsa colorata in nuante de rosu, albastru inchis, mov si galben si decorat cu margele negre de diverse marimi cusute manual pe o baza de piele. Se prinde la spate cu o bentita ajustabila din saten. Il puteti purta peste bluze, rochii, camasi tricouri, pulovere si va da oricarei tinute un plus de cool, feminitate si culoare.

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