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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fusta tutu verde

I know it's already fall but I'm still in a summery mood and I will take advantage of the great weather we're still having here as much and as long as I can. What can I say - I'm not one to let go easily!

I'm also having a ballerina moment while wearing this great tutu skirt in the most amazing shade of green. Since the skirt it's a pretty big statement on it's own I thought a simple white tank top would be the best choice to go with it. 

The long tassel earrings and the tiara are both handmade by me. You can check more of my handy work in my Etsy Store (if you like something on my blog but can't find it in the store let me know and I can add it for you!)

Fusta verde din tul – 50 lei/VANDUTA
Brand - Romwe
Marime: S-M,  Talie – 60 cm (minim – este elastica), Lungime – 82cm
Material: poliester, tul, organza
Stare: noua
Descriere: Fusta tutu peste genunchi cu trei straturi: jupa, tul si organza deasupra, talie elastica, stratul de organza de la suprafata are pliuri, este noua!

Cercei lungi Alice&Sara cu franjuri verzi - 25 lei
Descriere: Cercei ciucure foarte lungi din franjuri verzi, lungime totala - 21-22 cm. Disponibili in alte doua varianate de culori pe langa modelul verde: roz si negru. Mentionati ce culoare doriti in mailul cu comanda!

Tiara Alice&Sara cu margele/perle - 45 lei (mai multe poze aici)
Descriere: Tiara argintie cu margele albe (perle artificiale) - pentru mirese si printese!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wedding inspiration

I don’t know what’s happening but many of my friends are getting married soon so I have quite a few happy ever after parties to attend in the future. Keeping that in mind I thought I should write something about weddings and provide some inspiration for everybody planning or at least contemplating tying the knot.

I will admit I didn’t think about it much before but once I started it was a lot of fun. For me a wedding should be all about celebrating love and happiness and should reflect the personality of the bride and the groom. Ok, let be honest, it’s going to be mostly about the bride but still, it’s the thought that counts.
Here are the first things that come in mind when first starting the planning (once you nail these you can focus on smaller details and pretty much breathe easy since the main stuff is out of the way).

1. The dress
Any soon-to-be bride is going to tell you this is the most important thing...ever. Once the girl has the dress and the ring she will be happy. I’m personally partial to a bridal set engagement ring or at least a perfect, timeless princess cut diamond ring, but as long as the guy is the right one anything will work, even a heirloom piece.
When it comes to the dress I would go for something that makes you feel like a fairy – full skirt, lace inserts, retro detailing, long, transparent veil and even a whimsical hair piece. It depends on personal taste  - every bride should have her dream dress and look for it until she finds it. Much like the groom you should never settle for less.:))))

 When it comes to timeless jewelry my first choice is Anjolee - especially since all their pieces can be customized according to preference of metal type, diamond size and quality, length/size as well!

2.The venue
In my mind there’s no better wedding than a summer or fall wedding – warm, sunny weather is definitely a must. That’s mainly because I love outdoor weddings. There’s something so simple and romantic about a garden weeding that I can’t imagine it any other way. I’m thinking a white tent with lots of flowers and quirky colorful details.

3. The cake
I have a serious sweet tooth and I think a weeding is as good as the cake they serve. Something light but delicious is always a good choice. The way it looks is not as important but I do like it when the cake is a piece of art in itself – just look at this minimalist beauty topped with flowers (hopefully edible).

   Photos: 1, 2.

There’s also the music, flowers, food and decorations but once you have the basic you can choose the rest having them in mind and everything will be much easier and cohesive. 
There’s really so much to write about this subject but I thought we should ease into it – we don’t want to get wedding crazy, do we? Feel free to share your perfect wedding scenario if you have one in mind!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Wishlit

A few weeks ago I couldn’t even think about layers and fall and I was still dreaming about sandy beaches and summer florals. Even the thought of something thicker than a t-shirt was enough to make me sweat and I couldn’t bring myself to start preparing for the colder months ahead.

But things change once the hot weather starts to slip into the pleasant warmth of early fall and my mind wonders towards the next season fashion favorites. This time around I’m thinking light jackets, lace dresses paired with cashmere knitwear pieces, delicate socks in sky high ankle boots, hats and embroidered bags.  Big baroque belts and tight over the knee boots are also something I’m into this fall. 

I’m not what you can call a trend follower but rather pick and choose what I like and if some current trends happen to be mixed in I tend to think fashion has finally catched up with me and not the other way around. If that’s not narcissistic confidence then I don’t know what is!!! 

But seriously now, I always loved a good contrast so I need to get my hands on a see-through gold skirt to wear with a big sweater and bare legs in chunky sandals while I still can.

Photos: 1, 2.
How's your fall wishlist looking like?


Sunday, September 01, 2013

Curea/Bentita "Alice&Sara" cu tepi si trandafiri

This belt/headband (multifunctional accessory) is my latest creation - one that I worked a while to finish.  I'm very happy with the result though. I think it looks like something an autumn fairy would wear, I imagine it would look fabulous on someone with long hair. 
The base is a satin band on which I carefully applied soft gold spikes, colorful greenery, small beads and textile paper roses that I hand dyed in shades of green, pink and yellow - it's pretty much impossible to duplicate because of the the amount of details involved into making it. This is a wonderful little accessory to transform any outfit in something whimsical - at the end if the day we all need a dash of fairytale in our life.
Check out more of my work in my Etsy Store!

Curea/Bentita "Alice&Sara" cu tepi si trandafiri - 95 lei
Descriere: Accesoriu multifunctional care poate fi purtat ca bentita, curea, chiar si colier - totul depinde de imaginatia fiecaruia. Este un accesoriu la care am lucrat o vreme si care, datorita multitudinii de elemente, nu poate fi duplicat decat ca idee (si cu exactitate aproximativa).
Baza este o banda de saten cu latimea de 2,5 cm pe care am aplicat tinte aurii, crengute colorate, trandafiri din hartie textila (pe care i-am pictat manual in nuante de roz, verde si galben) si margele micute. Terminatiile sunt brodate cu margele roz! Lumgime totala: 110 cm.  

 More photos here! /Mai multe fotografii aici!

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