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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fusta tutu verde

I know it's already fall but I'm still in a summery mood and I will take advantage of the great weather we're still having here as much and as long as I can. What can I say - I'm not one to let go easily!

I'm also having a ballerina moment while wearing this great tutu skirt in the most amazing shade of green. Since the skirt it's a pretty big statement on it's own I thought a simple white tank top would be the best choice to go with it. 

The long tassel earrings and the tiara are both handmade by me. You can check more of my handy work in my Etsy Store (if you like something on my blog but can't find it in the store let me know and I can add it for you!)

Fusta verde din tul – 50 lei/VANDUTA
Brand - Romwe
Marime: S-M,  Talie – 60 cm (minim – este elastica), Lungime – 82cm
Material: poliester, tul, organza
Stare: noua
Descriere: Fusta tutu peste genunchi cu trei straturi: jupa, tul si organza deasupra, talie elastica, stratul de organza de la suprafata are pliuri, este noua!

Cercei lungi Alice&Sara cu franjuri verzi - 25 lei
Descriere: Cercei ciucure foarte lungi din franjuri verzi, lungime totala - 21-22 cm. Disponibili in alte doua varianate de culori pe langa modelul verde: roz si negru. Mentionati ce culoare doriti in mailul cu comanda!

Tiara Alice&Sara cu margele/perle - 45 lei (mai multe poze aici)
Descriere: Tiara argintie cu margele albe (perle artificiale) - pentru mirese si printese!

 Pentru comenzi ne puteti contacta oricand la


Unknown said...

fustita este Carry Bradshaw, so Sex and the city...

Unknown said...

This look remember me to Carrie Bradshaw, I like so much :),r:73,s:0,i:320&iact=rc&page=3&tbnh=194&tbnw=129&start=52&ndsp=34&tx=66&ty=82

vintageinharmony said...

Tres chic!

mispapelicos said...

A true princess, Alice.

Anonymous said...

Fusta este superba!!!

Unknown said...

I think I'm pretty much in love with this outfit

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