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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Wishlit

A few weeks ago I couldn’t even think about layers and fall and I was still dreaming about sandy beaches and summer florals. Even the thought of something thicker than a t-shirt was enough to make me sweat and I couldn’t bring myself to start preparing for the colder months ahead.

But things change once the hot weather starts to slip into the pleasant warmth of early fall and my mind wonders towards the next season fashion favorites. This time around I’m thinking light jackets, lace dresses paired with cashmere knitwear pieces, delicate socks in sky high ankle boots, hats and embroidered bags.  Big baroque belts and tight over the knee boots are also something I’m into this fall. 

I’m not what you can call a trend follower but rather pick and choose what I like and if some current trends happen to be mixed in I tend to think fashion has finally catched up with me and not the other way around. If that’s not narcissistic confidence then I don’t know what is!!! 

But seriously now, I always loved a good contrast so I need to get my hands on a see-through gold skirt to wear with a big sweater and bare legs in chunky sandals while I still can.

Photos: 1, 2.
How's your fall wishlist looking like?



Breakfast at Cindis said...

Beautiful Fall inspiration.
Gotta love cable knit sweaters.

Breakfast at Cindi’s

Anaivilo said...

Oh yes, I am into chunky sweaters and flowy skirts myself! :D ihihih ;)

Caro * said...

Wonderful inspirations :)

Cassandra Too said...

These sweater look so warm and comfy. I wished I had fall.

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cassandra xx

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