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Monday, April 22, 2013

Cercei Alice&Sara cu margele

I didn't have as much time as I wish to create jewelry and accessories lately, but I did make a few things including these white earrings. 
They are actually created with a bride in mind, but I think they can be worn by pretty much anybody. I used lace, white beads and silver details on a white base for a romantic end result. I hope you like them!
Cercei Alice&Sara bridal cu margele albe – 45 RON
Descriere: Cercei statement albi acoperiti cu margele albe, elemente metalice argintii si chipsuri de opalit. Au forma si spatele dublat cu dantela alba. Perfecti si pentru o mireasa romantica!

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Unknown said...

Qué bonitos!

Sallytangle said...

Hello!!! I was just popping on over to say the hugest thank you to you for your lovely lovely words over on my little blog - thankyou!!! You have made my day!!!!

Off to explore here for a little bit now :) xxxx

Fashion In This Place said...

Love these earrings, so beautiful!

My Fashion break said...

love your creativity! I need your ideas for my new shop.

kisses from Andalucia.

Unknown said...

arata atat de bine, si au o tinuta atat de buna. Superb si felicitar pentru creatie. Sunt foarte romantici si de ce nu pe orice femeia ar fi ar face-o a fie foarte senzuala. Fetelor cumparati-i ca merita :)

Unknown said...

I love these, they are so delicate and beautiful!

Pepi Mustateanu said...

Dragut de-a dreptul !

Cristina Parra Acero said...

me encantan los pendientes!!

Ana Mascara said...

OOO I want them.
Sunt foarte eleganti si arata usori - I hate it when big earrings are so heavy that they dray your ear down..Not very appealing. These ones look stunning!


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