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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Maxi tie-dye effect

I always thought looking hot is not about revealing as much skin as possible but more about showcasing your best features and leaving some room for imagination. A bit of mystery is something that can go a long way!

That’s the reason I really love this maxi dress – the body hugging shape it’s subdued because of the length. But what really does is for me is the low back cut – that’s definitely one of my favorite details ever.  There’s something about a long sleeved dress with a backless opening that makes me incapable of saying no! I’ll buy two of those, please!

And then we have the tie-dye print in dark shades of black and grey that adds the modern edge every girl need. The only thing that could possibly make this hotter would be some body jewelry from and yeah, a very long pair of feathered earrings. 

And what do you know, I’m actually wearing those, in fact I made them myself. In case you’re interested, write me and I can add them in my Etsy Store.

Rochie maxi cu print tie-dye /VANDUTA

Cercei foarte lungi Alice&Sara cu pene mov si lanturi  - 45 lei/ VANDUTI
Descriere: Cercei lungi cu pene naturale in nuante de gri, roscat, maro, mov-rozaliu, alb si negru, lanturi subtiri, fasii din piele neagra, margele de lemn, pietre semipretioase (jad alb) si margele in nuante de alb si mov. Se pot reface la cerere!

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Unknown said...

You look great, it totally fits u!, love the back!

happy sunday


LittleSweetSa said...

Nice :)

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