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Friday, November 02, 2012

Bentita Alice&Sara cu tinte si trandafiri (auriu si negru)

I’m a big fan of rock&roll influences in fashion and I love making beautiful things with a little bit of edge. I created this particular one using a simple black headband, light weight gold spikes with a black base and delicate black roses (made out of textile paper that I hand dyed myself) for an amazing and unexpected contrast. This is a stunning statement headpiece that mixes rock vibes with innocence, very playful and cool. You can buy it from my Etsy Store! 

Bentita Alice&Sara cu tepi si trandafiri (auriu si negru) - 50 RON
Descriere: Bentita neagra cu tepi auriu discret si trandafiri din hartie textila vopsiti manual in negru. Nu m-am putut abtine, contrastul este prea reusit, in plus cand vine vorba de accesorii pentru par, le prefer pe cele cu multa personalitate.:)))).
Nu uitati de celelalte modele de bentite cu tinte, tepi si trandafiri  create de noi si disponibile pe blog!

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Sabrina said...

i WANT THAT!! I wear headbands all the time for my curly hair! perfect.



LORNEA said...

i love it

Cassandra Too said...

This is so cool! I want one too!

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Graceandbraver said...

These headbands are perfect!! definitely need to get my hands on them xo

Sugar Bunny said...

omg, i wants you headbands <3

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