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Saturday, June 02, 2012


Don't you think today is a great day for dressing up! Just imagine you being a rock star for a day (I do have this fantasy a lot)! Wouldn't this be the perfect get up to celebrate your fame? Or you could dress up like that just to celebrate being you and being awesome!

Every item I used here is oasap and pretty affordable!

Strapless Leopard Zipped Dress - 74$, Star Print Sheer Dress - 63$,  Sexy Spike Peep-toe Pumps - 97$, Retro Skull  Bag - 105$, Punk Style Spike Necklace - 22$, Punk Skull Head Detail Leather Bracelet - 15$, Clamshell Round Sunglasses - 26$


ellie said...

Love the dresses! Wow about that purse & Pumps! Sweet sunshades too.

stilistele said...

very inspirational! I would really love to be a rock star for a couple of hours dreaming...:))

Jeane M. said...

That outfit is fab! Love the necklace and cute bag. Got my eye on your blog now.

Irina Lara said...

The shoes and bag are so cool! I would so wear that even if I'm not a rock star!

Fernanda Serossa said...

I don't even know which piece I like best: the purse, the see-through dress, the shoes, that cool spiked necklace! The whole outfit is beautiful and special - I want every single item!

TheMindsClothes said...

So beautiful selection !
Nice blog ;)

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