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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Urechi de Mickey Mouse din catifea


These fun and flirty headbands feature round, small velvet ears entirely designed and hand sewn by me. They are both seductive and adorable and can we worn with almost everything, the only thing required is a little bit of fashion bravery and maybe some sort of rebellion against what is considered normal for somebody to wear. I personally love them and wear them a lot, not only on Halloween or costume parties. Each lace ears headband is handmade by me and no two are alike (even if I duplicate one model the results will never be identical)! If you are interested email me and I can add it in my Etsy Store!

Urechi Alice&Sara din catifea navy/Mickey Mouse Pink Velvet Ears - 45 RON
Descriere: Urechi de soricel/Mickey Mouse din catifea albastru inchis fixate pe bentita neagra din saten.

Urechi Alice&Sara din catifea roz/Mickey Mouse Pink Velvet Ears - 55 RON /VANDUTE
Descriere: Urechi de soricel/Mickey Mouse din catifea roz fixate pe bentita neagra din saten.

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Elfena said...


Drummer and Band said...

hi. continue visit here.

badger said...

cute headbead :) and nice jacket!!

TheMindsClothes said...

Ohh, a Mouse girly ! It's amusing :)

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