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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I usually keep the My style articles for the weekend but today I felt like showing you guys one of my recent outfits. I’m trying to wear all my beautiful but more summery dresses and leather jackets one last time before the cold weather arrives because I’m sure I’ll miss them dearly over the winter. This particular short leather jacket is my favorite right now just because the length of the arms is for once good for me, also it has the perfect modern biker cut and shape. The dress has a very beautiful print, you can’t actually see very well in the pictures but besides the flowers there are lots of letters with actual text and woman portraits. You might recognize the spikes headband that I made a long time ago (you can buy it here) and that I love a lot. The rest of the jewelry are also made by me except the ring (made by the very lovey Andreea Vaduva from Biba Bijoux).
Other than that I have a lot of work, even more than usual, at my job and super crappy things (…and people) keep happening to me but I’m a warrior and I keep going and hope for better times. Something really great happened to one of my good friends and that makes me happy and gives me hope.
I’m wearing: dress, leather jacket – vintage, ankle boots, belt– random brand, ring – Biba Bijoux, cross earrings, gun necklace, spikes headband – Alice&Sara (all made by me).

It’s there something/someone that gives you hope and keeps you optimistic?


Alice Sidorencu said...

Yuhuu, bentita :D
Si eu aveam de gand sa o port in seara asta...poate o sa fac si niste poze ;)
Iar outfitul tau este foarte cool, se imbina perfect cu bentita :)

Cecille said...

imi place foarte mult geaca si bentita!!! sunt super tari!!

mispapelicos said...

I am sooooooooooo glad to have you in my blogroll...
What a delightful sight this dress is. I hadn´t notice the women and writing amongst the flowers. You are a wonderful inspìration.
About day to day life, I know that is full of ups and downs, and it is a matter of not worrying too much for small things. Enjoy the present and create especial events out of nothing, like having a cup of tea and a chocolate cake.
Be happy, you are alive...
Un abrazo.

Anaivilo said...

I love it! The jacket is exquisite and indeed in combination with summer-y dresses is at it's best! :D

Mad Hatter said...

you look so pretty Alice, new hair color or am I imagining things?
Hang in there, crappy crappy crap happens, we have to keep going and move on, otherwise we'll drown in all that crap (and it doesn't taste good:P)
I'm like so close to buying one of yourheadbands, all I need is a good place to wear it :D

Denisa L said...

I mean to crappy people who do crappy things, it's better than getting angry/sad:)

ps: loove the look:x

Anca Buzea said...

Looove the headband!!

Veronica Sticlaru said...

I just looooove your hair and the outfit it`s amazing!

Alice in vintageland said...

Alina - abia astept sa vad si outfitul tau, multumesc mult:)

Cecille - thanks, I love them too:)

Sacramento - thank you so much, your comments always brighten my day, I do try to follow your advice even if sometimes things get to me :)

Anaivilo - I love this jacket so much, I rarely find something perfect for my particular figure and long arms/legs so yes, it's my leather soul mate:)))), thank you:)

Mad Hatter - I didn't color my hair yet but I have to tell you the thought has crossed my mind and I want something crazy, the only changed thing is the length, it's pretty long for me
I know, crap sucks :)))). You're so cool that you don't really need an occasion to wear one of my headbands:)

Nookie - I have to try this: I guess being mean with crappy people could actually be fun:)Thanks:)

Anca - thanks:)

Veronica - multumesc mult:)

Special Koko said...

you look so hooot!:D love it:D

Katrim441 said...

Oh you look so nice and that leather piece is so cool and rock-ish and then cool again:)

SMLXL said... eu trec prin faza asta acum, zici ca sunt un junkie. Mi-am cumparat 3 fuste de piele, 2 geci si o nu ma pot opri. Cred ca am nevoie si de o bentita ca si a ta =))) sa mai sochez un pic lumea in cluj...mai faci la comanda?sau a trecut trenul acea?:))

PS: suuuuper outfit, geaca e bestiala

Alice in vintageland said...

Special K - Thanks:)

Katrim441 - thank you, I'm always ready for a good leather jacket:)

SMLXL - :)))) eu inca caut niste fuste de piele reusite, as vrea macar una scurta si una creion mai lunguta, exact cum zici- sunt obsedata:)))) Mai fac la comanda daca doresti:), mai am cateva tinte ramase:) Multumesc mult:)

SMLXL said...

Alice, eu am o fusta de piele pe care mi-am cumparat-o recent dar ma tot gandesc ca poate e prea lunga pentru mine, in sensul ca imi acopera genunchii. Daca te intereseaza pot sa ii fac niste poze si sa ti le trimit. E din piele foarte fina, facuta in italia, vintage din cate imi dau seama. si e creion cu doua benzi de piele incretita pe margini. Eu port in talie 78 cm. Dar daca te intereseaza o pot masura .
Despre bentita - da vreau una daca tot ai tinte.

Alice in vintageland said...

:) ti-am scris un mail:)

Gingerrr said...

Ti se potriveste de minune combinatia floral print/leather jacket :D
Adica nu te cunosc, dar din ce am citit pe blog-ul tau, esti foarte sweet, but also a tough cookie :)
And your hair looks so shiny and healthy, trebuie sa ne zici cum il mentii :)

Alice in vintageland said...

Gingerrr -:)))) multumesc mult,you're kind, nu stiu de sweet:) but a tough cookie sunt, putin undercover, but yeah:), urmatorul my style o sa contina si un "beauty" post desi nu am cine stie ce secrete, dar mi-au scris mai multe cititoare asa ca ma supun cu mare placere, ai blog?, iti admir mereu seturile pe polyvore, dar nu am acces la profilul tau google ca sa vad, kisses:)

Andreea said...

Flowers and leather=awesomeness! I love wearing my dresses with leather jackets, it gives the girly look an edgy touch :D Anyway, you're a hottie, who cares about crappy people when you're looking this good?:P


Alice in vintageland said...

Heels Lover- :))))))))

Gingerrr said...

Am si blog and (I think) I'm in your blogroll :) :D

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