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Friday, October 01, 2010

Bentita Alice&Sara "The purple Butterfly"

Bentita Alice&Sara cu fluture mov - 40 RON / VANDUTA
Descriere: Bentita neagra cu fluture mare, mov, din pene, pictat manual asezat pe un trandafir galben-verzui din tul decorat cu un buchet de flori colorate (o cala roz incadrata de o floare peach, de una visinie si de frunze). Se poate reface la cerere!
Orice imperfectiuni sunt datorate blitului! Pentru comenzi si detalii suplimentare ne puteti contacta oricand la


Jewelry Making Tools said...

What beautiful hairpieces! I love seeing all the pretty things you find, and they give me so much inspiration for my own jewelry and what I wear myself--thank you!

Alice in vintageland said...

Thank you for the very nice words but I don't "find":) them I actually make (with my two hands) all the accessories that you see on this blog!:) In case you want to find more about what I write you can use the google translate gaget on the top right part of the blog, is not very accurate but is something!:)

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