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Monday, November 23, 2009

MINA - Simply fabulous!

The wonderful thing about having a blog is that sometimes you have the chance to meet truly wonderful people: kind, inspiring and just fabulous. When you are really lucky they actually become your friends. What I’m trying to say it’s that over the summer I got to personally know the beautiful Mina from Faboulista after admiring her outfits for more than a year and it was great. She lives in Canada but came to Bucharest for a vacation. She is a constant cheerleader when it comes to our work and the accessories we make (that really helps me when I feel tired of everything and want to give up). It’s also nice that Mina is so much more than a person that you can talk with about fashion.
But if we’re here I have to say she has an amazing sense of style and I’m happy that she chose some of my accessories to take  home with her. It was really hard for me to decide which of her outfits I should use to illustrate this article but I ended up making some collages with some of my favorites.
 As you can see she truly knows how to make the cherry red epaulets look good – I couldn’t ask for a more fabulous owner for them. Mina is always classy with an edge to it and likes to keep things interesting by adding very special accessories to her outfits.
I also wore them with stripes  - I guess is true that great people think alike!:)

                                                                                                                     Photo credit - Faboulista :)


Mina said...

omg i love this. i cant believe the collage u made. u chose some of the outfits from my early beginings. and the words u wrote about are so sweet. i'm so happy i also got to know u and its a wonderful feeling to know we have become friends this fast.
surprise my friend i did not want to tell u til i was sure but i think u might come to romania in february again so we can hang out again. wont it be fun? i havent been to romania in winter for 11 years. i'm kinda scared of the cold.
i'll keep u updated on how it goes.

Alice in vintageland said...

Mina, that's wonderful news, I'm super excited; don't worry about the cold - I don't think it would be colder than Canada! Keep me posted!:):):):):)))))))))))

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