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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Rochie alba de dantela

This white dress used to be a favorite of mine. I still like it a lot, but I haven't wore it in a while. My wardrobe has grown immensely over the years so there's always something new to try on and wear instead. 

There's also the fact that my taste in clothes has changed with the passing of time which, I guess, is normal once you start growing up and have a real job and big girl responsibilities.

Still this dress is filled with positive vibes because I associate it with some very good times in my life.  

More pictures here!


Ella said...

super cool outfit and combination. I love to wear dresses with sneakers. I love also the jacket! ;)

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

I am totally in love with this dress! So classy!!!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Selvaggia Capizzi said...

gorgeous dress, I love it!

Unknown said...

I love this dress so cute and nice look.
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See you soon

Anonymous said...

I love everything in your blog!

Un besote,
Nati de Puro Vintage :)

algoparaponerme said...

I love the total look!!

kisses and thanks for your comment!!

Adrián Oslé said...

Perfect jacket!! :-)

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Wishesbridal said...

I love this lace dress,more beautiful styles can be found at wishebridal,com

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