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Monday, June 10, 2013

Funda cu voaleta

I was looking for a beautiful birdcage veil for ages and now that I got my hand on some of the Russian variety I started doing all kinds of hair accessories using it. 

I started with something simple: a classy black bow with a beaded center on a simple headband. I personally like it worn on the top of my head, but for the sake of my clients I can also do it on a side! 

The photos don't do it justice! Buy my handmade designs from my Etsy shop!

Bentita cu funda si voaleta plasa (Russian birdcage veil) - 45 lei
Descriere: Un accesoriu extrem de classy si feminin cu funda neagra dubla din saten, decorata cu margele rotunde si cu voaleta fina negara. Funda poate fi asezata in centru sau intr-o parte in functie de cum preferati!

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