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Friday, May 17, 2013

Treasure hunting

This weekend I started the big seasonal switch between the fall-winter clothes with the spring-summer attire as I might have bitched about mentioned in an older post. Planed to finish too but failed miserably! I have way too many things and so little space it’s actually an exercise in imagination to get it done properly.

The exciting part was digging up some old pieces that I used to love but had forgotten about more recently. Imagine my joy when I rediscovered the few pairs of converse shoes I own and was looking for (with a certain amount of frenzy I will admit as much). I have this talent of stockpiling things only to panic that I don’t remember where I so carefully deposited them! It’s really great my life doesn’t depend on it!

Thankfully I do stumble upon some of them when I least expect it so it’s almost like a surprise I planned for myself (but not before I annoy myself thoroughly).

Getting to the point – I love my converse shoes because I associate them with all the good times I had, summer love and all the small wonders I’ve seen with them at my feet:). And if only for this reason I plan to wear them more often! And to seal the promise I went an looked for some inspiration for future outfits!

 I hope you’ll be inspired as well!


ellie said...

Love the spring looks! Very inspiring!!

QuickPassTV said...

love the pictures! nice blog


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