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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Casino style mood board

You remember how I was recently telling you about the Casino themed party I was invited too. Just so you know (many of you have asked) the party is at least a month away but the friend that is throwing it knows me well and told me in advance because he guessed I was going to go nuts with excitement. 

People enjoy watching me making a big deal out of things and let’s face it, we all love the anticipating a bit, especially someone who can be a bit of a drama queen now and again (not going to name names here:))). 

In fact I think the greatest joy we have it’s in the desire itself, the expectation and speculation of it rather than the gratification.

I forgot to mention this other idea I had:  sequins. I feel glitter is a big part of the casino fashion and the Las Vegas charm so a sparkly short dress could be a good idea. The great part is I actually have a gold one that could work wonderfully.
The photos I choose are a sort of a mood board for the perfect casino fashion attire (from my point of view of course).

 This vintage Halston evening dress (1981) would be perfect but I think it would take a lot to convince The Indianapolis Museum of Art where is currently residing to borrow it to me for a home party!!!

Most of you were partial to the idea of me choosing the Eva Green/Vespre Lynd style in Casino Royale (long dress, deep cleavage or backless, red lips). I do have some doubts as I would be overdressed in a big way, even a bit ridiculous as every long dress I own is not really long enough for my tall frame. 

But you know what? The cleavage idea is not half bad! As previously stated my poker/gambling skills are mediocre at best and I’ve been told that how others perceive you can help you win the game which is basically my evil plan.

It hasn’t been done before, so pay attention - I’m hoping people will be so distracted with me looking good that they will not pay that much attention to the game!:)))))) 

I’m just joking, we’re probably only gonna play for bragging rights, but I am super competitive nevertheless. Not to mention childish, but I feel a theme party is like a fairytale for adults. Man, I love those!

Photos: 1.
Any more ideas? Go ahead and share!


Raslinkina said...

Amaizing blog! Love the all your collar! Follow you in GFC and Bloglovun!

Anonymous said...

Amazing post, I love love love emma stones dress red sequins are perfect :) I hope you will check out my blog :)

Amanda said...

Hello, what I would like to ask is that do you have that golden dress? The name of that golden dress is Paprika golden sequin dress and I'm obsessed with it! :) I graduate this summer and I naturally have my gratuation party then and I just can't get that dress out of my mind. It would be the perfect dress for me! It's THE DRESS for me. What I think I'm asking here is that if you do have that dress, would there be any possibility for you selling it?
I hope that you would answer me.
Thank you!

Emilia Niinivirta

Alice in vintageland said...

@MissEm - I don't have it, I'm sorry, it's just a picture I had in one of my inspiration folders!

blog said...

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