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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cercei Alice&Sara cu pene si lanturi (varianta 2)

Long hippie feather earrings (blue)
I’ve made these long earrings using a variety of feathers, semiprecious stones and chains and constantly thinking about an Indian summer spent in breezy dresses and denim shorts. They are truly special and make a strong statement no matter what you choose to wear them with: they speak about being free and happy and forever young at heart. (in case you’re interested, write me and I can add them in my Etsy Store)

Cercei Alice&Sara cu pene si lanturi (varianta 2) - 25 RON
Descriere: Cercei lungi cu pene naturale in nuante de gri, albastru, alb si negru, lanturi, margele albe si pietere semipretioase (agate albastre rotunde si chipsuti neregulate, mov din cuart).

Mai multe poze AICI!:)
Orice imperfectiuni sunt datorate blitului! Pentru comenzi si detalii suplimentare ne puteti contacta oricand la


Valentina said...

Love them!
The Streets of Fashion
Photos in the air

Baby Budget Blog said...

Pretty feather earrings!!

Costin M said...

i sure hope no innocent birds were harmed for the making of these earrings! :D

Costin M.

Ismay said...

Lovely earrings; please follow me


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