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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Bentita Alice&Sara cu multe flori si pasare (Frida Flower Crown)

Bentita Alice&Sara cu multe flori si pasare (Frida Flower Crown) - 55 lei
Descriere: Bentita neagra acoperita cu o multime de flori si frunze in diferite nuante de roz, rosu, peach, portocaliu,  galben, verde, albastru, alb si o pasare mica si adorabila cu pene naturale. Cand am facut-o m-am gandit la ceva ce ar putea fi purtat atat de Frida Kahlo, cat si de Alba ca Zapada - o coronita moderna for the girls of summer and spring.

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Mina said...

omg! hello what's this????? the newest thing i'll be obssesing till july.... yeah thats making its way in my closet. u have more? i cant wait to see the whole spring collection. save one for me though!

Sara said...

:)))) I was sure you'd like it. No worries, though, I'll make a similar one for you!:)

Unknown said...

I love your jewellery and hairbands! Amazing x

KaNini's said...

That headband took my breath away! :)

Baby Budget Blog said...

YOU ARE TOO SWEET! Thanks for your insightful comments and for following! I'm def. following your blog and am glad we found each other :) To start, yup, I'm an accessories girl and I can see your love of them plainly! Love your whimsical pieces and the way you put your outfits together are both ladylike, modern and charming! The bold earrings are my ABSOLUTE favorite. I LOVE FEATHERS :)

MaNAa said...

love it it's lovely ;)

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