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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Bentite clasice Alice&Sara

A stunning and timeless head piece that features a colorful veil flower on a simple, black headband. I consider this style of flower to be one of my signature style pieces. Every single of these flowers is designed and hand sawn by me and I take pride in the impeccable finishing details. You’ll never regret purchasing one, they are such a GO TO head piece as they can be easily adapted for day or night, for simple, casual outfits or for dressier occasions.

They were inspired by sailors, the sea and the pin ups which I love a lot.
The brooch in the center is different for each color but will always perfectly compliment the flower.
They come in a variety of colors and color combination, you just have to look at the pictures and tell me which one speaks to you. Buy them from my Etsy Store!

Bentita Alice&Sara sailor cu floare mare albastra - 35 RON
Descriere: Bentita neagra din saten cu floare mare din straturi de dantela/voal albastru inchis si cu o brosa rotunda, aurie, cu ancora aplicata in centru.

Bentita Alice&Sara cu floare medie rosie - 25 RON
Descriere: Bentita neagra din saten cu floare medie din straturi de dantela/voal rosu si cu o brosa rotunda, alba cu aplicatie metalica,  florala in centru.
Sau va puteti alege orice alta culoare/combinatie de culori, dimensiune si model din arhiva noastra. In cazul in care doriti o alta culoare e suficient sa trimiteti un mail pe adresa nostra (, preturile sunt aceleasi (35 lei pentru florile mari, 25 lei pemtru florile medii).

Orice imperfectiuni sunt datorate blitului! Pentru comenzi si detalii suplimentare ne puteti contacta oricand la 


mispapelicos said...

Soooooooooooooooo pretty. I hope you sell them all.

Mina said...

bentite noi? ma bucur ca mai faceti din astea. mi se par your signature.
btw vreau si eu un snowflake brooch. de cand am vazut ultimul look al tau sunt inebunita sa incerc si eu a beret with a cool brooch dar nu am nici una asa.

Alice in vintageland said...

Sacramento - Thank you, Hope so too!:)

Mina - :)))) I also think they are my signature, this model is the first I ever made. As for the snowflake brooch - Sara bought if from ebay. Kisses:)

Haine online said...

Sunt foarte frumoase toate:)

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