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Saturday, December 19, 2009

My mug in a romanian mag(azine)!:)

So I’m totally famous and I have the smallest picture ever in a Romanian mag called Bolero to prove it!:). If you look really close you can see me just under Brad Pitt :) wearing a dashing white dress adorned with a pair of epaulets of my own making. In fact that’s the reason my picture is there – the epaulets we made are in the IN section of the magazine as a cool accessory for this season, a piece that can make any outfit look great.

In caz ca puneti mana pe Bolero, editia de ianuarie si va uitati cu mare atentie prin ea o sa gasiti si o poza mica cu mine in sectiunea IN&OUT si o mentiune referitoare la epoletii cu franjuri facuti de noi in mai multe variante de culori si care pot transforma orice sacou, jacheta, palton, tricou, rochie sau camasa intr-un outfit special. Multumim Diana Marasoiu!



Nora said...

Super Super! Felicitari!!

bathmate said...

I liked it.Super Super! Felicitari!!

cosmofever said...

Woo-hoo awesome! Congrats girliez :)

VertAnge said...


Anonymous said...

wow just under brad:))) niiiice !
vorbind serios,felicitari si vacanta placuta!

Alice in vintageland said...

Thanks guys!:)

ada90 said...


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