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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Out and about - second date:)

Another day – another meeting, we’re becoming some sort of AA, only so much better! This time we changed the place, we chose Cafeneaua Actorilor which kind of sucks but at the end the company is the only thing that matters. We had a lot of fun trying to decide which of my epaulets are better for Mina (The Fabulous Girl Guide to Fashion) so me and Denisa (Fashion in my eyes) made her “model” for us and finally agreed that the cherry-red were the pair to go with. Also Mina just discovered and she’s frightened, horrified and amazed at the same time – I know the feeling although I tend to only be terrified at this point. Overpriced ice-cream was the vice of the day – not as good as last time mojitos and lemonade but still ok! Both girls are hilarious and I’m known to also crack some jokes from time to time so imagine the triple effect of that – I bet half of Bucharest heard us laugh. Mina and Denisa dressed very cool and relaxed for this one, I was a bit on the office side as I came directly from work. Mina also chose to wear the headband she got from me on her lovely head as we all thought it went great with her outfit.

I love Mina in this one - she's so adorable -just like a pixy!
Mina "experimenting" with the epaulets and headbands I made!
Say "cheese"!!!

Mina swears she can’t take a candid picture! I beg to differ!
Guess who made an impromptu guess star appearance: Mia and Irina. They just “happened” to come there too. Yeah sure!!!! Stalker alert! (kiddin’ )
Eye liner philosophic discussions :)
Isn't Denisa cute as a button?

I think this picture is hilarious! We were trying some sort of socialite look for Mina!

O noua zi – o noua intalnire cu Mina si Denisa – devenim incet dar sigur un fel de AA (Alcoolici Anonimi), numai ca noi ne distram mai bine. De data asta am fost la Cafeneaua Actorilor - nu a fost o alegere atat de inspirata ca tereasa de la Carturesti, dar la finalul zilei compania este cea care conteaza. Ne-am distrat foarte tare incercand sa ajungem la un acord in legatura cu ce culoare de epoleti i se potrivesc mai bine Minei si dupa lungi deliberari si cercetari de piata am decis ca cei visinii sunt perechea pentru ea. De asemenea Mina a descoperit si este ingrozita si fascinata in acelasi timp! De data aceasta am mancat inghetata la suprapret si spun cu mana pe inima ca nu s-a ridicat la inaltimea limonadei si a paharelor de mojito de data trecuta – oricum am ras atat de tare incat cred ca ne-a auzit jumatate din Bucuresti. Fetele s-au imbracat foarte relaxat si chic pentru intalnire, tinuta mea a fost un pic mai office dat fiind ca am venit direct de la serviciu. Mina a decis sa poarte pe cap bentita de la mine – se potrivea perfect cu outfitul ei!


Costin M said...

Mina knows how to accessorize! vad ca v-ati distrat, chit ca a fost inghetata la suprapret! :D

Alice in vintageland said...

She sure does!:) And yes - it was fun!:)

Anonymous said...

pare ca a fost foarte fun intilnirea,dar sincer ma mir ca ai mai dat o sansa cafenelei actorilor dupa pataniile de la tirg...btw,vad ca organizeaza editia II:))pt data viitoare va recomand un loc super,si anume Chocolat,langa Carul cu Bere,au cele mai bune prajituri si inghetate ever!:)
anyway,toate fetele sunt super iar tinuta ta office imi place tare!

Costin M said...

eu <3 chocolat si caru' cu bere!

Irina said...

Ou...look who is here...Andreea or Mia (according to Alice's comments)...i like our picture, darling!! Just fabulous!!! :))) Irina or ???

The Sydney Girl said...

looks like you all had a fun time :)x xx

Denisa L said...

ne-a tras pe sfoara aia cu inghetata,vroia sa termine mai repede:)

and again,I had a great time:)

pret-a-protester said...

u girlz are lovely !!! again,sorry i couldn't be there !

Mina said...

what a great meet-up once again. i didnt mind my ice cream except that it became soup really fast. hope we get to meet once more before i leave.

Alice in vintageland said...

Ioana & Costin - You had me from "cele mai bune prajituri si inghetate ever", urmatorea intalnire acolo o sa fie:)

Irina- e numele ei de "secret fashion agent":), you're fabulous indeed:)

the sidney girl- we did have a lot of fun:)

nookie - same here!:)We have to do it again!:)

pret-a-protester - maybe next time!:)

Mina - You got that right, we just have to!:)

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